Hello! And welcome to a blog post all about our new obsession, QVC. Well it’s not so much a new obsession, as in reality we’ve both been shopping from it for years, and Sam was a guest presenter on it with a favourite beauty brand, Liz Earle, around 2 years ago – but it’s new in the sense that we realised that we haven’t spoken about it on this platform and after quite a lot of DM’s asking where certain things were from, we realised we probably should share our secret shopping destination with you!

QVC is like a little secret world, and once you delve inside it you become obsessed. Firstly – if you’re thinking that you don’t have time to watch QVC, stop there. There is a website that you can buy everything from. Yep. Sorry to your bank account!

Secondly – they offer a money back guarantee. That means that even if you don’t love a product once you get to the end of it, you can return it and get your money back. Not that you will of course, every product available on QVC goes through rigorous testing – this means that they don’t take ALL products that a brand creates, just the ones that really work.

Beauty wise, it’s all there. The best are stocked, including our all time faves, Elemis and Decleor, and they have a huge range of fake tans including everything that we have used for years. Like the Tan Luxe Sleep Oil (squeeze few drops onto hand, rub all over face, go to sleep without it transferring onto pillow, wake up glowy – simple) or the Isle of Paradise mousse that is SO simple to apply AND self-adjusts according to everyone’s skin pH so you will always look a natural shade of tan.

When it comes to fashion we found a bunch of wardrobe staples (hello Breton jumper!) and some gorgeous floral dresses that will see us through summer. So many of you have commented on Sam’s L and A diamond initial necklaces recently – they’re from QVC too! The best idea for a birthday present, push-present or just a treat to yourself.

BUT the main reason we love QVC?? They have pretty much anything you need for your home. We got so carried away with steam mops, descalers, and clothes steamers (yes, we are that old) that we almost forgot how great their interiors are.

From faux foliage walls (that’s right, foliage that just clips onto a wall, indoors or out) to the largest range of storage boxes and baskets which are brilliant for hiding toys, and making our homes look less kiddified. We also discovered THE.BEST. FAKE. FLOWERS – huge hydrangeas that sit in a glass vase in our kitchens and look real. They cost the same as 3 bunches of real flowers, but last forever.

And remember – not only can you pay in instalments, they have a brilliant returns policy where if you feel like the product you’ve bought isn’t working for you, even after you’ve tried it, you can then return it!


Head to https://www.qvcuk.com/ to get involved!!

(This post was written in collaboration with QVC, but as always, we will only feature partnerships with brands we love & use.

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