I eat this at least 2x a week, no joke. I cannot take any credit for the recipe, it’s Rochelle Humes which she also eats multiple times a week.

Whenever I post it, you guys ask for the recipe and I always direct you to her reels but it’s quite far down and tricky to find, so I’ll link it here for you, and also post the recipe below (I hope she doesn’t mind)

I sometimes add to it – halloumi, grilled salmon, mozarella, spanish omelette – whatever I have in the fridge, but it’s also great solo. I do think the key is this chopper, which means I can make it in seconds.


1/2 a small red cabbage

Ac couple handfuls of kale

Baby tomatoes


An avocado


Half olive oil to half sesame oil

A splash of rice vinegar

A glug of balsamic

Few drops of Maggi liquid seasoning

Season with a squeeze of lemon and salt & pepper 

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