There are some mum hacks that we’ve learnt along the way on our journey of mum hood, that make our lives easier, one of which is sliders. Last summer, we discovered that it just wasn’t worth owning sandals with buckles and straps.
This revelation has a coincided with ‘sliders’ becoming the most on trend shoe of the summer. You can pair them with your usual jeans look, or get yourself a lovely little summer dress. The great thing about them is that they will flatter every figure, they are especially useful when you are super pregnant and can’t see your feet, but also when you just need to get out the door within 2 seconds.

This is from us last summer (me as a brunette!) sporting our favourite sliders.
Sam in Topshop // Gemma in Next
With sandals it’s sometimes worth spending a little more money on them if you are opting for a classic style that would go with everything. You won’t wear them a huge amount of times in a year so they will last a few seasons and are therefore are worth the investment. These Ancient Greek sandals will last forever and the metallic gold goes with everything. If it’s a more trend driven style then it’s not worth splashing a huge amount of cash as they won’t be in fashion next season, so opt for a high street version like theseIsabel Marant imitations which I need as they look so cosy. Everyone needs a simple pair of leopard sandals to brighten up a simple outfit. These from Topshopare only Β£26.
I got these from Nextlast summer and they are still going strong. I love them with blue denim, but alternatively they are a softer tone than black so will make your outfit seem light and airy for summer. These are also a lighter colour option.
FInally, these(also from Next, so many good shoes there at the moment!) are the shoes you will see all over Instagram this summer. I’ve just added them to my shopping basket

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