Guys, we got her on the sofa and it’s all thanks to you. After we did some Insta stalking, you all tagged us in her pics, and one of our followers managed to connect us!  We’ve hung out a couple of times, spent the morning at Casa Solomon-Swash last Sunday, and fell more in love with her!

Stacey was just as inspirational and real as we all hoped her to be. In fact, you can probably tell by our faces at the end of the vlog just how much we fell for her. From the realities of parenting to passing on privilege and balancing blended families, Stacey opened up on everything. She talks a lot of sense this woman. We try to keep these Sofa Sessions less than 10 minutes, because we know you barely get any time alone – but we nattered so much that the shortest we could edit it down to was  14 mins 43 seconds! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Instagram @thisismothership.

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