These days, we are all wise to the fact that we must start our days with a two-finger dose of SPF. That is a skincare non-negotiable, especially in the summer months. Sun damage creates some of the most visible signs of aging and more importantly, puts you at risk for melanoma. That first layer of sunscreen is a no-brainer but reapplication is the bane of my existence. We know that SPF protection doesn’t last all day; this is why SPF top up sprays are your 2023 summer beauty essential.

I was recently sent the Ultra Violette SPF50 Re-application Mist to try. It’s absolutely phenomenal; the nozzle is so well made that it emits the finest mist that sits so nicely over make-up, adding a glow. In my mind, it’s one of the best and most sophisticated out there, but not everyone has £32 to spend on an SPF spray, so I’ve put together some alternatives that work just as well. Pop in your handbag, and re-apply over make-up when needed.

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1: FOR SKIN AND SCALP: Ultra Sun UV Face and Scalp Mist SPF50, £18

2: BEST IN CLASS: Ultra Violette Preen Screen SPF50 Re-application Mist, £32

3: GREAT FOR OILY SKINS: La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ Anti-Shine Mist, £17

4: BEST ON A BUDGET: Garnier Ambre Solaire Over Make-Up UV Protection Mist SPF50, £8

5: BEST FOR COMMUTERS: Coola Water Resistant Face Mist SPF50, £32

6: THIS IS FATHERSHIP APPROVED: Hello Sunday The Retouch One, £18

Kate Somerville

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