When M&S throw a kids Christmas party, it isn’t just any party. Especially when they ask us (well, Leo and Belle) to host it with them. It took place at swanky pants Home House (a members club in Mayfair) and involved the magical kids party planners Dazzle and Fizz, a soft play, a pantomime, a disco and of course, the best food ever. Everyone came dressed up in their Marks & Spencer finest (hello, have you seen thesekids clothes!)

The plan was to give the parents an afternoon off and let them hide in a room with canapes and champagne, while the amazing team at Dazzle & Fizz entertained their little ones. And that is exactly what happened!!

Belle and Leo had the best day ever. We’ve had major mum guilt recently because we just can’t entertain them in the same way that we used to as we have zero energy these days, so it literally melted our hearts to watch them jumping about and dancing with their faces painted. (We think they are in love each other….)

Also worth noting, the only way to gets kids to leave a party sans tantrum is to bribe them with a brilliant goodie bag at the door, and to promise them that the same party will be happening next year!
Thanks to everyone who came!!

The goody bag contents featuring the star of the show, Mr Paddington Bear

Our top picks from Marks & Spencer this week
Before the party we popped into M&S to get some outfits for us and the kids. These are our essential pieces that can slot into your wardrobe and make any outfit Christmas party ready. You can’t go wrong with a bit of black πŸ™‚

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