The number one item in a capsule wardrobe for any season is denim. Find the right pair, and buy a couple of them! Denim isn’t anything that needs to be expensive, there are so many high street brands that does denim so well. If they fit you all over, apart from the length then get them altered. Hemming a pair of jeans can costs as little as £10 and can make a huge difference to the proportions of your body. You could even cut the ends and leave them to fray.

Here are 4 pairs we will be living in, from trusty Levi’s that Gemma wears year on year, to the wide legs Sam is introducing into her wardrobe for the first time.

Sam wide legs jeans : Click HERE
Gemma straight leg, full length: Click HERE
Sam’s black cropped wide leg: Click HERE
Gemma’s cropped straight leg jeans: Click HERE

(This is a sponsored post with Amazon Fashion UK)

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