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If there’s one thing we want in life, it’s to look glowy, radiant, awake, healthy (we could go on) and there’s one product that we turn to time and time again. Our trusty old bronzer. But all bronzer is not created equal. Oh no. And if you want that true, natural looking, radiant J-Lo glow, then keep on reading…

Bronzy, sun-kissed skin is a look that’s always in, regardless of the season. It goes without saying that we LOVE all kinds of bronzers – nothing does a better job at making our poor sleep-deprived faces look a little more alive and awake – and I am loyal to my trusty powder bronzers but l’ve recently introduced Gemma to liquid bronzer and she’s now smitten, especially since the temperatures have soared.
There are arguments for and against both, it just depends on your tastes. Powders are great because you build them up to the intensity you fancy (for me that is always around the ‘long weekend in Spain’ mark) but for some people they feel a little heavy and ‘make-uppy’ for holidays and hot weather.