We’ve been through so many stages with our babes in their (almost) two-year existence but we feel like we are approaching a giant hurdle – potty training. Because life is so totally crazy right now (mum job/day job/blog job blah blah) we just don’t have any scope for remaining house-bound in the near future. So we thought that instead, it seemed like the right time to introduce Pampers nappy pants as a great option for our wriggly babes, whether potty training or before.
We recently learnt a bit more about Pampers nappy pants and actually, we could have got the babes into them even sooner than now. Better late than never though! They are a great way to introduce the kids to the idea of wearing pants and hopefully be it will be a stepping stone to the real deal. But really what we were surprised about is Pampers nappy pants are just brilliant for really wriggly babies (hands up if you have one of them!) and they are really simple to use, just pull them up (they already feel like a big boy and a big girl doing this, they got so excited) and when you need to change them, just tear the sides to get them off and wrap them up with the handy sticker on the back.
Belle has always been a nightmare when getting her nappy changed. Refuses to lay on a changing mat, and squirms more than you’ve ever seen anyone squirm. So for Gemma, these are ground breaking. She gets so excited about the concept of ‘nuckas’ (knickers) Leo thinks that the nappy pants are part of the best game of his life!!

We had the kids in them all weekend and they really are just as effective as a regular nappy. We were worried about any ‘explosions’ not being ‘contained’, but we needn’t have been concerned as the nappy pants seemed equally as absorbent and comfortable as their regular Pampers Baby dry nappies, and just a whole lot easier to get on a wriggling toddler who hates lying on the changing mat than a regular nappy is!

Gve them a whirl and let us know how you got on. You might be just as surprised as us!
[Pampers has loads of great advice online, check out the website for more details www.pampers.co.uk.
We worked with Pampers on this post but all opinions are our own. We will only ever share things with you that help make our lives easier / help us get more sleep / help make us feel fabulous]

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