Whilst the list below might be inspiration if you are looking for a gift for a woman in your life like a sister, mum or friend, it ultimately is a gift guide for you and only you! You can just send the link on to anyone who is asking you what you’d like.

I always find it so much pressure when someone asks what you want for Christmas. I tend to make a list throughout the year, and whenever I spot something I like I add it to the list. I usually find that when I go back to the list a month or so later that I’m not longer interested in it (usually because I’ve seen it so often on Instagram that I’m now bored of seeing it!)

Hope this selection helps you find something for yourself (or others.) My particular favourite is the Mary Kate & Ashtray. I recently gifted it to my friend as a little jewellery pot for beside her bed (which technically makes it sit under the ‘fashion’ category!) The Prada beanie is firmly on my Chanukah wish list.

Prices from £10 – £400.

1.Prada cashmere hat // 2. Mary Kate & Ashtray //3. Albaray leopard coat // 4. Adanola socks // 5. Ganni bag // 6. Converse X Commes Des Garcons // 7. Aligne trousers // 8. Hill House jacket // 9. YSL belt // 10. A Bathing Ape bag

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