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Last month we hosted a night out with Chanel for 40 of our luckiest London based readers but because we know that you don’t all live in London – or couldn’t get babysitters or tickets before they sold out – we filmed a couple of tutorials for you so you could feel like you were there. Also, please trust us when we say we’re working on hosting events around the country. We know you keep asking, and as two non-Londoners, we know how frustrating it is that everything seems to happen here. Logistic wise it’s tricky with the babies but we WILL make it work. Anyway, back to Chanel! We hosted the evening at their Spitalfields London Make-up Studio. There were gorgeous goodie bags, champagne and canapes and a chance to shop from the Sam Edit and the Gemma Edit. SO exciting to have our names up in Chanel. Anyway, the whole point of the night was to teach some simple, easy make-up techniques that you can use daily, even with a babe balanced on one knee. So here you go, two tutorials for the price of one today…

HOW TO DETRACT FROM TIRED EYES: Our fail safe way to detract from dark circles under the eye is with a pop of bright on the lips. We all know that Gemma has been averaging about 2 hours sleep a night as Ace HATES sleeping through (apart from the last couple of nights but lets not jinx it….) but you would never know it, would you….

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