I’m so fussy & particular when it comes to material things. Over the years I’ve become so much more aware of the impact all this ‘stuff’ we own has on the planet. I hate waste, I know exactly what I like (and don’t like!!) I only like owning things that will last forever, and I know I will get loads of use out of.

I posted on Instagram last week about how I have a list saved on Keep Notes on my phone for what I’d like to buy in Boxing Day sales or receive for my birthday (its in January hint hint!) and lots of people messaged asking to hear more about this. I keep the list going all year round, and I find that I remove things as time goes on and usually by the end of the year there are very few things left.

Sometimes I just don’t love the item like I thought I did, sometimes I see the item all over my Instagram feed which makes me become bored of it, and sometimes I realise I wouldn’t be able to wear it with many things or style it in enough different ways so it would be a waste.

I’ve found this to be a great process to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ I own that I don’t need or love. When I think back to 5 or 10 years ago I can’t believe how often I used to buy a new outfit for every new event, and not repeat wear items over a period of time (madness!)

So these are things I’ve had on my list over the year, and things I’ve gradually bought over time, or kept on my birthday wish list and been lucky enough for someone else to buy it for me!

All Saints Leather Jacket, £399

A real hero item and forever piece. I’ve had a couple of leather jackets in my life, and I wear them so often, but when I did a wardrobe clear out I realised that a slouchy, oversized leather jacket was missing. For the times when I want to wear something more fitted, I like the contrast of outwear being looser – which is where this Billie jacket slotted right in. I stuck true to size as it’s real leather meaning it will gradually loosen over time. All Saints is the place to go for you leathers.

New Balanace 9060 – Tan // Pink // Brown // Black & Grey, £160

I’ve wanted these for ages. I’ve tried to hunt them down for months but they are like gold dust. I had so many pairs on my Vinted favourites list, and my Ebay saved items list but they were never in good enough condition or quite the right colour that I wanted. Until finally I happened to walk into my local JD Sports recently to pick up a gift for someone else, and they had my size and the colour I loved (brown) sitting there! These come up true to size and are so comfy. Like walking on little clouds. I wear them with leggings & jeans now, and come summer I’m sure they’ll creep out with satin midi skirts and bare legs.

La Mer Lip Balm , £62

I’m so grateful that we get sent out samples of products to try, because its tricky to commit to expensive skincare when you don’t quite know if it will work for you. This was sent to me years ago by the team at La Mer and now it would most definitely make the cut for a desert island item. One pot lasts an entire year, and it keeps my dry, chapped lips super hydrated. It’s also great under lipstick so it doesn’t look cracked. I chip in with friends & we get this as a birthday gift or new mum gift.

Solid & Striped swimwear, prices from £20

Once you find a style of swimsuit that you feel good in, buy multiples! It’s so hard to find swimwear that makes you feel confident, so my advice is once you find the style/shape/brand that makes you feel good, buy multiples! Solid & Striped is that brand for me, and it always goes on sale over the winter period so I snap them up so I can add to my summer collection. They do loads of different shapes of tops & bottoms that you can buy as separates. They all come in bright & bold patterns and prints (plus the standard neutral that is leopard print.)

YSL Belt, £320

My usually end up (unintentionally) getting investment that are neutral in colour. This means I can get the most use out of them and can wear them with everything, like this belt. I coveted it for so long but could never find it in my size until a few months ago. I love the gold hardware on it, its brushed so overtly shiny which makes it a bit more subtle. I also like how the ‘YSL’ is delicate, but it still makes a statement. I went for the slightly flat grain leather – this means it has a very slight creased look to it. I wouldn’t recommend ever getting totally smooth as it’ll show up scratches so won’t last as well (same goes for leather bags.)

Click HERE to shop the collection of belts.

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