We know this sounds superficial (like, really superficial) but one of the main issues that we had during our pregnancies was finding a changing bag that we actually liked. We didn’t see why entering mum-hood meant we had to leave any sort of taste at the door.

Until recently, there’s been seriously poor choice out there when it comes to changing bags. Unless we wanted to sport a floral satchel with owls embroidered across the front, we had two choices; either drop the best part of £500 on an Anya or a Stella or use a tote bag we already had (but it wouldn’t have any pockets inside for all the necessary baby bits). We both needed to buy a changing bag but we didn’t want one that actually looked like a changing bag, get us?

So, while our designer handbags languish in their dust bags waiting for us to return to work, we’ve been happily hanging out with these…

Mum Bag/ Beach Bag/ Weekend Bag/ (future) Gym Bag/ Mary Poppins bag. Meet my Tiba + Marl Raf bag. It’s made of wipe clean material, comes with a matching changing mat, detachable cross-body bag (for the times when you don’t need to carry quite so much), an insulated bottle holder, has a gazillion pockets and is roomy enough for a mum of triplets, Or a hoarder, like me. Made by two mums who also couldn’t deal with the lack of choice (except these mamas happened to be an ex-Topshop accessory buyer and an ex-accessories designer)

A Moschino backpack that was definitely not designed to be used as a mum bag. I love everything about it- It’s wipe clean, huge inside with a large front pocket for my own bits and bobs and has wide straps so they fit comfortably on my shoulders. I’ve added clear plastic pouches from Marks & Spencer so that everything can be in its own compartment as I am a total neat freak.

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