Nothing can prepare you for the realities of giving birth. No books, no antenatal classes. For some reason, no one tells you the truth about what to expect. Even our friends who had been through it didn’t prepare us for some bits. We’re not sure why, but the world seems to like to gloss over the gory details – especially the post-birth bits. We both had fairly easy labours, but it was the after bit which knocked us for six. We had all the gear, but no actual idea.

We filmed this little vlog last year (Gemma has brown hair!) but we thought we’d re-post one from the archives because it’s an important chat to keep having. If you’re sat at home post-birth, we hope you find this helpful!

If you’re about to have a baby, hope it gives you a heads up and if you’ve been there, done that, past all of this, then hope it gives you a laugh! As ever, let us know your thoughts by commenting on our Instagram, Facebook or dropping us an email!

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